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Trending Tech - When to Wait, Watch and Act with GitLab, Imperva and ServiceNow Executives

"More compute will be deployed in 2024 than all the prior years combined"

- Kunal Anand, CTO & CISO at Imperva

Other valuable insights from the session:

  • "We're investing heavily in AI not because it's a fad or it's a trend, but because we can probably deliver amazing outcomes in terms of efficiency internally and also improve our products for our customers" 

  • "I am not into jumping on every single hype cycle... really understanding what the real business problems that we are solving and whether any of those technologies is going to solve that problem."

  • "We are unable to have specific requirements for our engineering team. A challenge that we are having right now with our customers is being able to figure out on the product side, what things do we build for those poeple today that's going to make them achieve their goals."

Watch the full session here.

More Snippets of Tactical Entrepreneurial Wisdom

  • Topics are the new keywords for SEO. We can mix head, middle, and long tail keywords within a single page to produce high quality and valuable content. This is in contrast to a decade ago, where you might have a page targeting a single keyword.

  • For B2B SaaS, try to aim for a 10% auto price increase annually. Customers will try to negotiate for earlier renewal and longer contract periods, and when you waive the price increases, customers feel like they’re winning. You can also upsell more features to them more easily.

  • There are more investors out there than you can possibly have time for. Focus on finding early believers who will invest in your vision. At pre-seed there is no amount of traction that will convince any investor with numbers alone. It's about crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with those who not only believe in your vision but are also willing to advocate for it.


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