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Building Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with Michael Seibel
Michael Seibel, Managing Director and Group Partner at Y Combinator, talks about building a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). The session covers the definition of MVP, examples of successful MVPs like Zappos, the importance of feedback, and the iterative process of product development.
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Building a Venture Backed Company: Non-obvious Lessons for Fundraising

Building a Venture Backed Company: Non-obvious Lessons for Fundraising

Join us for a dynamic conversation with Eddy Lu, CEO of GOAT, moderated by Sam Angus, partner at Fenwick & West. In this session, Eddy shares his entrepreneurial journey: He discusses overcoming challenges, including investor skepticism and the benefits of accelerators, and offers insights into strategic negotiations, selecting the right investors, and brand building. Whether you're an entrepreneur or just curious about startup success, this talk is packed with real-world lessons and experiences from a leading CEO in the tech industry. Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Fundraising and Lessons Learnt 00:03:34 - Pivoting to a Sneaker Marketplace 00:06:24 - Pivoting from Grub with Us and Keeping Investors' Money 00:09:04 - The Benefits of Joining an Accelerator 00:11:56 - From Zero Traction to Investment Demand 00:15:02 - Overcoming Investor Doubts and Failed Pitches 00:17:58 - Quick Fundraise with a Blank Sheet of Paper 00:21:06 - Negotiating with Strategic Investors 00:24:20 - Importance of Choosing the Right Investor 00:27:40 - Differentiating Yourself in the Market 00:30:50 - The Importance of Brand Building for Marketplaces 00:34:30 - The Challenges of Building Games and Apps 00:38:02 - The Importance of Passion in a Project Stay connected with us! DECODE : LinkedIn: Instagram: Marketplace, Accelerator, Investment demand, startups, pivoting, strategic negotiations
Propelling Crypto Forward with Data | VP of Data at Coinbase | With Shuo Chen

Propelling Crypto Forward with Data | VP of Data at Coinbase | With Shuo Chen

Speaker: Michael Li, VP of Data at Coinbase and ex-Head of Analytics & Data Science at LinkedIn Moderator: Shuo Chen, General Partner of IOVC, Faculty of UC Berkeley Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 02:29 - Moderator Remarks + Coinbase Opportunities 03:15 - Michael's Career Development From College to Now 14:14 - Growing Alongside an Emerging Industry 17:18 - VP of Data at Coinbase 21:37 - Exciting Data Projects at Coinbase and Beyond 27:10 - Michael's Special Projects at Coinbase 31:07 - Improving AI-Specific Data Quality 35:00 - Vision for Crypto and Blockchain and How Data Fits Into It 38:42 - Surprising Trends in Crypto (Including NFTs) 41:49 - Skills Needed for Young Crypto Enthusiasts 46:49 - Unexplored Opportunities for Senior Professionals in Crypto 50:59 - Unique Job Opportunities in Coinbase 53:49 - Effective Strategies to Continue to Learn about Data and Blockchain More on Michael: Michael Li is the Vice President of Data at Coinbase where his focus is scaling value creation by making varied data work together for the crypto industry. Throughout his career, Michael has focused on empowering people with data and technology, working to define and operationalize Big Data and AI in practical terms for both start-ups and large corporations. Prior to Coinbase, he held roles at LinkedIn and eBay and Capital One. Stay connected with us! DECODE : LinkedIn: Instagram: