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Cybersecurity Needs for Next Gen Apps from Akamai CTO and more insights

"Modern office building should be thought of as a private coffee shop with Wi-Fi"

- Robert Blumofe, Chief Technology Officer at Akamai

Other valuable insights from the session:

  • "The way applications are built now and deployed in the cloud, they're so porous because they're built with third party libraries that you've never heard of... The old perimeter model makes no sense now. You have to think very differently about how you protect the enterprise and how you protect applications."

  • "If you're a company and you're thinking about how do I protect myself, don't waste your time thinking about protecting yourself from the Russians or the Chinese, or any nation states. They are way overpowered so you can't protect against that adversary"

  • "Modern organized crime is cybercrime. And when you hear about ransomware, you want to think of it not just as a particular type of attack, but as rather a criminal economy, a criminal business model. It's repeatable, it's scalable, it's profitable, it's supported by tools, it's supported by HR organizations, it's supported by CFOs. It's organized crime run as profitable businesses."

Watch the full session here.

More Snippets of Tactical Entrepreneurial Wisdom

  • Many founders regret firing too late but few ever regret firing too early. Every hire either accelerates a startup's growth or death. No employee has a neutral contribution. 

  • Make sure that pricing negotiation is truly the last thing that needs to be accomplished to close the sale. The last thing you want to do is to spend a bunch of time negotiating, only to find out there are still a bunch of hoops left to jump through. 

  • It is a waste of time negotiating on minor valuation differences. There is diminishing returns in your equity with each marginal increase of valuation, and your time is better spent on building your company as a founder. Push for the 80th percentile price, and in return for the “value” you are leaving on the table, push for whatever else is important to you.


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