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DECODE Peer Circles
A safe space for founders to be vulnerable, honest and get advice from one another, before funding.

Safe and Trusted Community

Trusted community of founders where shared challenges breed lifelong connections and support.

Honest Feedback & Tactical Advice

Unlock honest feedback and practical advice from peers and industry experts to help you focus and grow.

Private Events & Roundtables

Experience exclusive gatherings featuring private dinners and curated learning sessions.

Referrals & Fundraising Perspectives

Personalized fundraising support, from crafting pitch decks to securing warm introductions.
Why Join?
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  • What is "Peer Circles"?
    Peer Circles is an initiative by DECODE to foster fellowship between folks who are serious about their entrepreneurial journey, and who are willing to support one another. The journey of being a founder can be lonely and this is where you can: - Learn what it takes to do a successful fundraise - Get vulnerable with each other in a safe and trusted environment - Get honest product feedback - Learn from other founders who are willing to share their mistakes and experiences - Have a go-to group of peers for sanity checks around strategic decisions - Find support and motivation to press forward when times are tough - Get referrals to someone who might have the skill sets you require
  • How does it work?
    A small group of serious founders will get together for 2 hours, generally on a weekday evening 7-9pm, with each founder having the opportunity to discuss an issue or problem they are facing. These could include operational hurdles, business blockages, personal problems - just about anything you choose to discuss. We'll reflect and build discussions on these as a group to help give you new perspectives and ideas for solving your issues.⁣ ⁣ By the end of the evening you'll feel more aligned, inspired, and have a better sense of next steps and actions you need to take.⁣ And, more often than not, you'll walk away with referrals who can help you at a more tactical level.
  • How are we different?
    At DECODE, we believe that founders who are just one step ahead, or who have just been through a certain experience, are the best peer mentors. We understand the difficulty of finding and meeting such peers, to then learn from each other's experiences. Events are generally one-off, and most communities are not curated for serious founders. Unlike those, the DECODE 'Founder Peer Circles' helps curate peers who are serious about entrepeneurship for you to meet and build longer term relationships with. It also creates a safe space for you to learn and grow.
  • Who is eligible?
    This initiative is for folks who already have a product, demo or MVP in the market and are thinking of fundraising in the next 6-12 months.
  • Do I need to have started a company to join?
    No, but we require everyone to be actively working on your product full-time or part-time.
  • How much does it cost?
    It’s free – no strings attached. We just ask you to commit to all the sessions and being an active member. If you are inactvie for more than 60 days, we will offboard you.
  • What is the time commitment?
    We see Peer Circles as more of a choice and less of a commitment. If you are looking for smart ambitious people to care about you and what you are building, we encourage you to participate in as many DECODE events and Peer Circles sessions as possible. For now, Peer Circles meet approximately every 2-4 weeks, on a weekday evening 7-9pm PT. Why? We know you have got a business to run, a life to live, other clubs and organizations you are involved, all in addition to school/work.
  • Does Peer Circles happen in person or virtually?
    Peer Circles is hybrid. We group folks based on their primary location and we expect you come to in-person sessions. However, we understand that there might be times when you are traveling and we welcome you to join virtually.
  • How many people per Circle?
    8-12 founders at similar stages per circle. ⁣ We're keeping the group small because we want to give you the time and space to get the results we are promising. ⁣
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