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Decode VC Fellowship Program
Venture Capital Apprenticeship
Applications due August 31st 2021 
Image by Precondo CA
What is
DECODE Fellows?

The DECODE Fellows program is an apprenticeship where we introduce you to foundational skills and fundamentals of various career paths to help you build the future.

The Venture Capital apprenticeship exposes you to early stage venture capital investing. DECODE VC Fellows learn how to discover founders, make investment decisions, support portfolio companies, and build your personal brand. Fellows' activities include deal sourcing, industry analysis, due diligence, portfolio support and networking, and will be able to leverage DECODE to build a personal brand. 

Who should apply?

We are looking for participants focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed while being curious to learn and develop their knowledge and reputation in venture capital.

We aim to maximize diversity among our Fellows across demographics, geographical location, industries, and degrees, regardless of whether you are just starting your career or pursuing a career switch to venture.

The most successful Fellows tend to be self-motivated and constantly taking action to seek opportunities for self-development. 

How will I benefit?

Fellows will have the opportunity to:

  • Make Connections: Quality referrals in VC and Tech after successful completion of the Fellowship

  • Attend Curriculum: Learn about the Venture Capital industry through course content and curriculum taught by tech industry leaders, experienced VCs and UC Berkeley faculty

  • Perform Industry Research: Learn foundations of industry research and analysis for venture capital, with the result of (co-)producing an industry report to form part of your personal portfolio

  • Source Deals: Gain an understanding of how to source and assess early stage startups, alongside with training exercises using past data (including YC startups) as case studies to hone investment judgment

  • Perform Investment Analysis: Write investment memos in real-time for startups that are fundraising (including YC startups), with the potential to shadow on due diligence meetings and investor/founder calls 

  • Consult for a Startup: Provide value add to founders and early stage companies (including YC startups) via consulting projects

  • Enhance Profile: Build your profile and online presence by hosting events with tech industry leaders (including VCs and founders) as well as publishing writing via DECODE's various platforms

  • Network: Interact with top tier speakers and other experienced professionals through access to DECODE's exclusive networking events and roundtable sessions

Time Commitment

In order for you to graduate, you must participate in at least 80% of events and course curriculum with your cohort, as well as complete all assignments. 


Events: 2-3 times a month
Course curriculum: Once a week
Assignments: One per session (~10 hours of work per week)


Outside of these, it is recommended that you spend additional time bonding with your cohort, engaging with mentors/instructors, and pursue additional opportunities related to Venture Capital.

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